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In the end it's about the work, not an award you get for the work.
Honoring outstanding leaders, innovators, and game changers

Honoring outstanding leaders, innovators, and game changers

The Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards was created to recognize individuals who have achieved success through hard work and determination. We believe that hustlers are the backbone of any successful community and we want to celebrate their achievements. The awards are open to anyone from Eastern Cape who has a hustle, regardless of what it is. We believe that all hustlers deserve recognition, whether they are running a business, working a 9-5 job, or even just grinding on the side.

Our Objectives

Is to see dreamers, seekers, & achievers


By engaging in networking activities, leaders can learn about different leadership styles, share best practices, and develop relationships with other influential leaders. Networking can also provide opportunities for leaders to get feedback and advice from their peers.


Both the young and the old can celebrate achievements. We want to empower hustlers by making them feel honored for the effort they put forward, providing networking opportunities, and building business connections in a relaxed setting.


It is important to celebrate the achievements of all people, young and old, in all aspects of life. Providing recognition helps to create a positive environment where everyone can feel appreciated and motivated to achieve their best.


To encourage ambition, empower confidence, and inspire new leaders of the future, it is important to allow them to socialize and network with other ambitious leaders. By doing so, they will be able to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful leaders themselves


Our sponsor says
Mandithathe elithuba nam ndizibulelele kumsunguli walento intle kangangaka ndithi maz’enethole sisi, uKwanda kwaliwa ngumthakathi. Ndibulele nakuye wonke ubani owathi wandivotela bethuna nalowo ungazange ukwazi uvota kodwa ngentliziyo efuna♥️🙌. #inakofoundation #communitybuilder #inakomateza #RiseBlackChild
Inako Mateza
Inako Mateza
Community Builder
Okokokoko ndisemaphepheni Throwhit untswemp bra 👊If bunguyaz now ukuba nguban ikumnkan yase Eastern CAPE. Peddie ndiyibeke kwenyi level basezovuma🤞
Throwhit Bakhulule Jay
Throwhit Bakhulule Jay
Entertainer & Producer
And the winner is Amanda Siyo 😭 😭 😭 Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards Hustler Of The Year 2023 Category: Hair And Beauty (Isiah 60:22)😭😭😭
Amanda Siyo
Amanda Siyo
Beauty & Stylist
ECHA is a South African company that will really appreciate hard-working candidates from Eastern Cape. ECHA is created to celebrate excellence and award those with high potential.
Anelisa Zono
Anelisa Zono
Founder & Entrepreneur

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